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Vegaplan was founded in 2003 by the members of CPPC and Agrofront.
Its purpose is the administrative management of the Vegaplan Standards and the accompanying sector guides (G-040 modules A, B and D and G-033).

Managing the Vegaplan Standard and accompanying Sector Guides comprises the following tasks:

  • Developing and managing the specifications.
  • Managing the database which contains all the participants and their certification status.
  • International cooperation and striving for exchangeability with foreign systems.
  • Organizing various courses.
  • Informing and communicating with all interested parties.
  • Organizing courses and giving advice to certification institutions with an eye to the uniform interpretation of the requirements.

Vegaplan primarily focuses on agricultural companies and contract workers that wish to obtain a Vegaplan or sector guide certificate.
In addition, Vegaplan also concentrates on all the customers of the primary vegetable sector: companies from trade and the processing industry of vegetable raw materials.

You can download here a full presentation of Vegaplan, its characteristics, strenghts and ambitions.