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Mutual recognition

At international level, the Vegaplan Standard is exchangeable with:

  • QS (Qualität und Sicherheit) in Germany for fruit, vegetables and potatoes destined for the fresh trade. As a result, Vegaplan certified farmers can commercialise their products on the German market as ‘QS certified’ without an additional audit.
  • VVAK (Voedsel– en Voederveiligheid Akkerbouw) for industrial vegetables, sugar beet, cereals, crops that contain oil and are high in proteins.
    VVA potatoes in the Netherlands.
  • VVA potatoes in the Netherlands.
  • The VKL certificate in the Netherlands so that Belgian contract workers can carry out contract work in the Netherlands.

In addition, Vegaplan certified crops may be exported to FCA and GMP+ certified companies.

What are differences/similarities between the Vegaplan Standard and GlobalG.A.P. ?

Here you can download the conclusions drawn on a detailed comparison of the technical requirements between Vegaplan Standard v2.0 and GlobalG.A.P. IFA Fruit & Vegetables v5.0-1 and the draft 'Crops for Processing'.

The CodiplanPLUS Pig certificate is accepted by Q&S, so pigs can be exported to Germany.