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FCA/GMP+ International recognises the Vegaplan Standard

In May 2013, Vegaplan signed an agreement with FCA/GMP+ International, an originally Dutch organisation that is a global player in the field of feed safety certification that has more than 12,000 affiliated companies in over 67 countries.

As a result of this agreement, the Vegaplan Standard certificate for Primary Vegetable Production will henceforth be recognised within the FCA/GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Scheme. If FCA/GMP+ certified companies buy products from Vegaplan Standard certified growers, they no longer have to apply the so-called gatekeeper’s option. The gatekeeper’s option consists of carrying out an intensive programme of entry checks based on a risk assessment carried out by the feed company and the quality assurance applied by the grower.

Following this agreement, Vegaplan has further expanded its recognition and has once again broadened market access for Vegaplan Standard certificate holders.