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CodiplanPlus Pigs

CodiplanPlus Pigs fit within the framework of the agreement on interchangeability with the German QS standard which allows delivery of animals under both quality standards without any supplemental inspections.

CodiplanPlus Pigs applies to pig farmers who wish to market their animals on the German market certified by QS (Qualit├Ąt und Sicherheit). It should be used exclusively as a supplement to the G-040 Sectorial Guide to autocontrol for primary animal production. For sow farms that supply piglets to Certus certified pig fattening farms, CodiplanPlus  is posed as a condition by Certus.

CodiplanPlus Pigs comprises the general part and the part specific to pigs in the G-040 Sectorial Guide, plus a series of additional conditions. This involves, on the one hand, legal provisions relating to protection of the environment which are not included in the Sectorial Guide and, on the other hand, extra-legal conditions which are necessary for the QS market. The additional check-list of CodiplanPLUS must be checked at the same time as the audit for the G-040.


New version starting on 1.1.2014

Meanwhile, things have moved along in Germany. Beginning in 2013, within the QS quality system, the use of antibiotics is recorded in a databank designed for this purpose. The objective of this operation is to prevent excessive use of antibiotics and the development of resistances to the antibiotics, which comes from such excessive use. 

Moreover, certified transport of pigs between growers has also become obligatory in Germany.

In order to be able to continue in 2014 the agreement on interchangeability between CodiplanPLUS Pigs and QS, it was necessary to modify our normative document by adding a point relating to recording the antibiotics and inspection of the certified transport of pigs.

Given that Belpork, the manager of the Certus scheme, was already launched, for the same reasons in the development of a data bank on antibiotics, and given that most of the participants in CodiplanPLUS Pigs are also certified for Certus, it was decided to use this same databank.