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Food safety

What is food safety in regard to the Vegaplan Standard ?

The aim of Vegaplan is to guarantee food safety, traceability, sustainability, and the quality of the vegetable products delivered.

To guarantee the food safety, it is essential to respect the hygiene rules for each step of production. Whether it concerns receipt, storage and use of raw materials or machines, tools or employees who come in contact with the product before or after the harvest. The hygiene rules, regulations and standards must be respected during each step of the production process. The Critical Control Points (CCPs) have been identified on the basis of a risk analysis. They were considered when drawing up the Vegaplan Standard and have been translated into clear, practically feasible requirements.

In 2015, the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Foodchain) recognised the equivalence of the Vegaplan Standard and the Sector Guide (G-040 - vegetable production) which resulted in simplified administration during the audit and the certificate being issued.

The audit by an independent body guarantees the client a safe production process that meets the hygiene rules